An interview with Nick Entwistle Interviews

Give us an introduction to yourself and what you do.
My name is Nick Entwistle, Creative Director of Trunk and Founder of One Minute Briefs and the Bank of Creativity. I also co-founded @AgencyQuotes which is a popular Twitter feed for the creative industry around the world.

What are you passionate about? What motivates and inspires you?
I’m passionate about creating work that is different or makes a difference. I want to make people laugh, cry, smile and do something when they see the work I create. If you can make people feel something then you have done your job. This is especially important when creating work for charities or good causes. I’m inspired by fellow creatives who are enthusiastic and have a similar mindset to me in the way they want to be involved in doing great things within the creative industry. The motivation I have in-built within me is that I always want to strive for something better. This can also be a curse, as I’m never happy with what I’ve got and always moving on to the next thing. But it gives me a belief that I can make things, that at first seem impossible, happen.

Tell us about your greatest achievements. Where and how have your created positive impact?
My greatest achievement was the #LoveYourNHS campaign and music video which beat Justin Bieber to Xmas No1. in 2015. This started with One Minute Briefs and the campaign snowballed as we created the video, social feeds, website and more to help push the campaign beyond expectations. We got celebrities involved. Bieber even tweeted himself and it was seen on news channels and TV across the world before being played after the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day. Another more recent campaign to help Isabella, a little girl with Neuroblastoma cancer, has been a huge success. Again starting with a One Minute Brief idea, a film was created that had a huge impact on the public due to it’s shocking plot twist. The campaign was picked up by national news and all major social media publishers and had over ten million views on Unilad alone. In many ways I’m even more pleased with this one as it’s helped raise a running total of 80K on the way to the 150k target.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given and who gave it?
The best piece of advice I received was to ‘be a brand’ from a Creative Director I had at McCann called Chris Beckles. This has definitely helped me progress my career much quicker and given me a platform to share my work and projects that differentiates me from other creatives. It also inspired me to push One Minute Briefs as a concept and this has grown from strength to strength and will soon hit 18k followers.

What moved you to get involved with Creative Conscience?
Myself and Chrissy met for 10 minutes at a Manchester train station after tweeting each other. After a brief chat, we soon realised our views on the industry are very closely aligned. Wanting to make a difference to help people in the creative industry, whilst raising awareness of real world issues. This is the type of work I find the most rewarding and we will be working with Creative Conscience to deliver talks, workshops and feature at their events in the near future.

What advice would you have for young creatives wanting to enter the awards? – How can they create positive impact in the world?
My advice to young creatives entering the awards is to think differently. If you think that the person next to you could have come up with the same idea… it’s not good enough. Push your ideas further… ask people’s opinions. Ask yourself a few questions… What will your idea make people think? How will it make them feel? What will it make them do? Can you create a movement with what you do and how can you carry it out socially and get it shared. Don’t just do something to enter an award. Do something that truly makes an impact… which you can then enter into awards.