An interview with Miles Brayford Interviews

I’m Miles and I was fortunate enough to win a gold award from Creative Conscience this year for my project ‘Education for Equality: Gender Identity Terminology.’ This project was an animation that aimed to introduce some of the common terminology surrounding transgender identities.

Since then my partner, Nerida, and I have decided to create a Trans Pride in Cardiff where we study. LGBTQ+ pride events happen every year all over the world. In the UK, pride started as a protest for recognition and equal rights. For many people, pride is a celebration of the freedom that they have to love who they love and be themselves. In recent times, these events have become less of a protest and more of a party. They are attended by many commercial organisations who exploit the idea of ‘gay pride’ to sell their products. The main events have also become increasingly expensive to attend.

Pride events often leave the trans community feeling as though their voices are not heard, as for them, the fight is far from over. In the UK, transgender people do not have the same rights as cisgender people, and many gender identities are not even legally recognised. There is a severe lack of understanding of trans identities, even within the wider LGBTQ+ community, and so it is important that there are spaces where trans people can come together, celebrate their identities, fight for their rights and help to educate those around them.

There is already a Trans Pride in Brighton every summer which is getting bigger every year and continuously helping to bring trans people together in a safe space. We want to create one in Wales so that the trans community can be united and celebrate together. There will be a protest march through town, followed by a series of events running for three days. One of these events will be a screening of my animation, there will also be Q&As, open mics, art sessions, meet-ups and all things fun and educational. Trans Pride Cardiff will take place from March 29th and end on March 31st 2019 which is International Trans Day of Visibility. It is also completely not-for-profit and all events will be free to attend. Head over to our Trans Cardiff Facebook page to keep up to date with event and participant call-outs, fundraisers, and more news!

– Miles Brayford