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What are you passionate about?

It would be hard not to answer that nature is my biggest passion, but record collecting, art and cooking are all equally as important to me.

Photo by Tee Byford

What motivates and inspires you?

Inspiration is sourced from knowing that we are faced with a catastrophic human endured natural disaster – the sixth mass extinction, and the motivation is to try and find a beautiful way of highlighting that to a wider audience in a way that they can become a part of the solution and help realign current directions.

What is your greatest professional (and/or personal) accomplishment?

To be honest I’m really not sure and that comes down to the way i think…I try hard not to have favourites, greatest or bests, as I find that this highlights a series of lesser favourites, greats and bests. I have an understanding that I’m only as good as the last thing I created or achieved. I have no intention in stopping doing what I do, thus my greatest accomplishment is still yet to come.

And what is the most interesting brief/piece of art you’ve worked on so far?

I think that is kind of the same answer as above. However the tour I did last year – the art of beeing, was very exciting. 9 weeks on the road in America travelling 8000 miles by car, painting in every city along the way and creating five films was definitely the most demanding project I have ever undertaken.

photo by @emil.walker

What made you want to use your art and skills for positive impact and social benefits?

I would have to say it’s the cliche answer of it’s something that grows from within myself. I can’t define where it comes from and I have no idea where it will go, it just feels the right thing to be doing.

Who has been your biggest influence?


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What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given and who gave it?

I can’t remember where i got these bits of advice but i have two that I really love…
1. Your never too late to the table, you arrive exactly when YOU need to be there, if no one else is at the table, start your own conversation, others will join.
2. Once you feel you have mastered a skill, stop and learn another. You can always come back to what you know, but to acquire more skills is always an advantage.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to a young creative?

One of the two above

Louis Masai

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