An interview with Jess Jenkins Interviews

In 2016 I created and entered an animation about mental health awareness into the Creative Conscience awards and was lucky enough to win an award.

I felt that it was important to create a piece of work encouraging people to be empathetic and support those suffering from mental health problems. For those who haven’t personally suffered it is very easy to misunderstand the severity of illnesses such as depression and dismiss it as a phase that one can simply snap out of. I hoped for my animation to shine some light on the bleak reality of mental health problems in order for it to be understood.

Since entering the awards I’ve had the opportunity to speak at a Creative Conscience event on mental health hosted by the Design Museum, which helped me make some great contacts. I have since been working on an animation for a film about male mental health; Steve: A Documentary, to help men battle depression, which has been a really fulfilling experience. The animation is playful and humorous, detailing five things one can do to be mentally fit. It’s a stark contrast to the melancholic nature of my 2016 animation which I feel illustrated my own mental health journey. I hope to work on similar projects where I know my craft will have a valuable and positive impact on those who may engage with it.

Creative Conscience has really encouraged me to strive to make a difference and value my work. I find myself more confident and feel part of a supportive community.