An Interview with Daniel Levi Interviews

What is the single most interesting brief you have worked on during your career?

A few years back I was contacted by a chap called Lyle Coburn who was freelancing as an art director with Ogilvy in Amsterdam. He told me about an IBM sponsored project that was looking for artists to create work around certain themes that related to IBM’s management systems for city resources (water, electricity, traffic, communications etc.) I’d had this idea buzzing around in my head for a while. It was inspired by a childhood memory of a friend who came to visit and when he walked into my bedroom, the lightbulb suddenly burned out. About a week later I was driving with the same friend in his mom’s car and, as we pulled into the street by his house, the street lamp above us popped and fizzled out. It became a joke that he had a mysterious power over electricity. So, I proposed a short film to Lyle relating to the electricity theme about this kid who has this strange effect over electricity. It’s a coming of age story called ‘Henry’.