A chat with Gabriele Skelton’s leading lady – Karina Beasley Interviews

We’re a specialist recruitment consultancy, we’re one of the longest established with a 25 year history working with the best of the best in design, brand and creative and we love what we do. And you may well be wondering why we’re here and getting involved with The Creative Conscience Awards? We’re very aware that recruiters can have a bad reputation at the best of times, but we are known for our honesty, integrity and the ethical manner in which we work and that’s why we’re here. Bottom line is, that unlike many recruiters, we do care, we have a conscience, and we put our heart and soul into what we do to make a difference, make good things happen and influence change.

We’ve chosen to partner up with Creative Conscience for many reasons, but the key one is to help to influence change. We want to be a positive part of the chain.

Designers have a certain skill set that can be used in infinite ways and we want to help the Creative Conscience Awards to use their talents for the good. A bit like a superhero. But one with the Adobe Suite, a sketchbook and a head full of ideas instead of super strength, x-ray vision or pants over their trousers. Wouldn’t it be marvellous if designers who had a socially valuable project in mind were heard and their ideas developed and nurtured? We think we can help with that!

I know I know, essentially we are a sales driven business and at the end of the day we need to make money to survive but by being part of The Creative Conscience awards we hope we can give something back. We have been around for a very long time, almost 30 years, and we want to be around for 30 more (at least!). We want to help make sure the industry thrives with young minds who want to incite positive change and sow the seeds throughout the industry and beyond.

In our capacity as sponsors, we will be doing our utmost to help award winning creatives and entrants to gain internships and longer term employment, as well as holding training sessions and portfolio surgeries with some of the best creative directors on the circuit. We know there aren’t as many graduate roles around these days and we want to be able to, alongside our clients, help these inspiring young people make the most of their talent, so that they will flourish and in turn the world can too!

Gabriele Skelton is a company that works with emotional intelligence, ethical and transparent in the way we work, we see a future partnership with the Creative Conscience Awards as a fantastic opportunity to put something back. Our network is wide, and we work with clients and corporations who share the same values.  At the end of the day it’s you, the creative graduates, who will be part of the next generation of skilled and thinking people who can make change happen, shape the world we live in, and be part of a more socially responsible future.