3-day ‘Hope’ brief – dispel fear and change the world Events, Impact


On 8th May 2020, Creative Conscience teamed up with our trustee Nicole Yershon and industry partners to launch a brief for creative students around the world.

Our aim was to give people HOPE + HELP during the time of the pandemic. In a world gripped by fear and uncertainty, we wanted to give a massive opportunity to those willing to be in ACTION:  a free to enter, 3 day only creative brief – a piece of positive creative activism, giving real hope to humanity.

We asked for a positive campaign highlighting the number of people who had totally recovered from Covid-19 based on live data from Johns Hopkins University. We were looking for an idea/concept/campaign that gives people HOPE against the mainstream media’s obsession with death and gloom. The winning idea would be shown live on digital billboards in top locations, underpinning the total recovery numbers tally and helping to send out a more uplifting message to the world.

We were looking for something simple and clever and were not disappointed as 35 highly creative concepts arrived over the 3 days. Below are just a few of the amazing entries we received. A shout out to just some of these – Adam Breckons (runner up, 2) Lizzie Knott (3), Jasmine Bashaj (6), Jeonard Cruz (8), Mansi Rana (4), Ollie Turner (5), Rita Haddad (7) plus the many others that took action and so quickly, a massive well done.

The winning idea was ‘DEFEATED’ by recent graduate Megan Williams (1), who had studied creative advertising at Leeds Arts University. We loved its powerful simplicity and asked Megan what drew her to our brief: “I took part because I’m really interested in using my creative superpowers for good and building positive impact”.

With a little help from us and in collaboration with Voodooh, Broadsign and L&CO, inspired by Orb, the campaign was successfully launched – first ‘take-up’ in Ireland (11/06/2020) – it shares a positive message to the world to celebrate in these strange times. We’ll keep you updated to its reach and impact. Thanks to everyone involved. Let’s continue to positively CHANGE OUR WORLD using the power of creative thinking and collaboration. Recently featured on Primedia Outdoor here.